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Lace up reliable, comfortable padel footwear with confidence with the Hurakn Team. Crafted with a Duralast outsole for maximum abrasion resistance and traction on the padel court, users can move with conviction between every shot. The Hurakn Team sports a 12mm heel-toe drop and an R-DST+ EVA material in the midsole for an excellent combination of cushioning and rebound. A trusty option for recreational padel players, the Hurakn Team pairs comfortable performance with bright, vivid design for a memorable look.

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A whirlwind of speed and agility, the Hurakn packs a number of features primed for optimal movement on the padel court. Pro Torque Chassis Light arch technology lends excellent stability and flexibility in a lightweight construction, while a 9mm heel-toe drop harmonizes cushioned court feel with nice reaction time and change of direction. In a sport that emphasizes quick and agile footwork, Wilson's Hurakn shoe delivers top-notch performance alongside appealing design for competitive padel players.