€150.00 -27%

The Wilson Ultra Team V4 tennis racket is light, manoeuvrable and powerful. It distinguishes itself from the other rackets in the Ultra V4 range by its superior playability and versatility.

€105.00 -20%
Experience the performance of the new Wilson Ultra Power 103, a tennis racket that ensures power and maneuverability.

€115.00 -20%
The Wilson Ultra Power 100, a 284 gram unstrung racquet with a 645cm² sieve, 32.5cm balance and 68.6cm length, features a 16x19 string pattern for optimal grip.

€95.00 -20%

The Wilson Ultra Power 105 has a weight of 262 grams with a length of 69 cm, a balance of 34 cm, a profile of 25.5 cm and a surface of 677 cm2.


€240.00 -17%
Wilson Clash 100UL v2 racquet, an ultra-lightweight racquet from the Clash line, ideal for players prone to shoulder injuries.

€290.00 -33%
Wilson Clash 100 v2 racquet, a revamped version of the Clash 100 line with improved consistency and sustainability. Ideal for getting the most out of your performance.


Wilson Pro Staff 97L v14 is a lightweight version with a weight of 290gr (unstrung weight). Thanks to a design with Braid FortyFive technology, which optimises the flexibility of both the racquet's neck and hoop, balancing power and stability for the modern tennis swing.

€330.00 -21%
 The Pro Staff RF97 Autograf V13 is Roger Federer's new racket. You get premium performance in a sleek design.

€160.00 -34%
EN STOCK. Compra ahora y lo recibirás en casa entre el martes, 20 de noviembre y el miércoles, 21 de noviembre.
The Wilson Six One Team 95 racquet, a racquet with a weight of 289 grams, a length of 68.5 centimetres with a 614 cm² sieve and a balance of 33 centimetres, as well as a string pattern of 18 length strings and 19 cross strings.


Wilson tennis rackets, first-class quality

Wilson is one of the historical brands among the manufacturers of tennis racquets, and that in recent years has significantly increased its sales of Wilson rackets due to the launch of models such as the Wilson Blade 98 or Wilson Clash 100 tennis rackets. Wilson tennis rackets are a clear reference brand in the world of tennis. It is considered one of the best tennis racket brands nowadays, for its quality standards. There are multitude of tennis players who play with Wilson tennis rackets, some of them are:

Roger Federer, the biggest ambassador of the brand plays with the Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13.0 tennis racket. This line of Wilson tennis rackets has 4 models of rackets with different weights, profiles and balances to suit different player profiles.

From Deportes Match we highly recommend Wilson tennis rackets. We believe that a brand with so many years behind them cannot leave you indifferent. They have been in this industry for years and they know how to make their tennis racquets adjusting the balance and weight for all types of players. The best cheap Wilson Rackets for sale online at M1 Tennis!

Discover what's new in Wilson rackets 2021

Wilson has been the leader in tennis rackets innovation for decades. One of the innovations that makes Wilson tennis rackets unique is the innovative 3D Bending technology, which is integrated into all Wilson tennis rackets.

3D Bending comes into play when the racket makes contact with the ball and Wilson has mastered how to adjust the three key bending moments (horizontal, vertical and torsional) in order to optimise the control, spin and stability of any player's racket, depending on how they play. 

Buy your Wilson Tennis Rackets from the online shop

The brand has developed a line of Wilson tennis rackets with high quality standards for maximum playability. You can browse through our entire collection of Wilson 2021 tennis rackets and see how Wilson offers a unique playing experience.

In addition, you will also find Wilson rackets for juniors and beginner players, inspired by the high performance models. Find in the Wilson tennis rackets section at M1 Tennis the latest models of Wilson 2021 tennis rackets at the best price online.

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