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The Wilson Six One Team 95 racquet, a racquet with a weight of 289 grams, a length of 68.5 centimetres with a 614 cm² sieve and a balance of 33 centimetres, as well as a string pattern of 18 length strings and 19 cross strings.

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 The Pro Staff RF97 Autograf V13 is Roger Federer's new racket. You get premium performance in a sleek design.

Wilson Pro Staff 2021 Tennis Rackets

Wilson Pro Staff is one of Wilson's oldest performance rackets. The Wilson Pro Staff tennis racket came out in 1982-1983 as the "Pro Staff Original", one of the first all carbon rackets, and although it has undergone several performance upgrades over the years, Wilson has tried to maintain the performance and feel of the original, while retaining the essence of the Pro Staff tennis rackets

The arrival of the v13 series comes with a host of updates. Wilson's Pro Staff rackets are all about precision and employ heavy designs and small head sizes, reducing the sweetspot, which translates into greater control and accuracy

Wilson Pro Staff rackets technologies

Wilson tennis rackets are rackets that are renowned the world over for their quality and performance. Specifically, one of their most valued ranges by players is this one, the Wilson Pro Staff. This range is one of the most popular in the tennis world for being the rackets used by none other than Roger Federer, who is for many the best tennis player of all time. And it is a made-to-measure model, literally, as Federer has participated in the development of it.

BRAID 45: This update to the classic Pro Staff carbon fibre braid sets the fibres of the braid at all-new 45 degree angles, allowing for improved control feel when striking the ball and offering incredible stability to create the "Pro Staff feel". 

STRING MAPPING: The new string design, tighter in the centre, increases accuracy and feel across the entire racquet face.

ERGONOMIC COVER: Wilson Pro Staff tennis rackets now feature an ergonomic cover on the bottom of the handle for maximum comfort and playability.

Feel the precision and control of the Wilson Pro Staff

Tennis has been evolving little by little and with it the players, all brands must adapt to the new needs of modern tennis and the Wilson brand with its successful Wilson Pro Staff range has not wanted to be less and has opted for a great quality in the precision and the realization of effects. Feel like Roger Federer himself and adjust your shots where you want with the Wilson Pro Staff Rf 97 Autograf or if you prefer a lighter and more forgiving rackets we recommend the Wilson Pro Staff Precision 100 racket.

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