Wilson Kaos Tennis Shoes Comp


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Ultra-lightweight and flexible, the Kaos Comp 2.0 features 2D-Forefoot Support and Dynamic Fit technology for added responsiveness, lateral stability, and a nice cushioned court feel. Designed for those armed with a passion for style and performance, this shoe's Pro Torque Chassis Light arch technology raises the ceiling for speed and propulsion all over the court.


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Meet the new Wilson Kaos Comp tennis shoes, an ultra-lightweight and flexible model. The Wilson Kaos Comp range of tennis shoes feature 2D-Forefoot Support and Dynamic Fit technology for responsiveness, lateral stability and a comfortable cushioned feel on the court. 

Designed with Pro Torque Chassis Light arch technology, the Wilson Kaos Comp to maximise speed and propulsion on the court.

Wilson Kaos Comp 2.0 Tennis Shoes

  • The new Wilson Kaos Comp 2.0 tennis shoes stand out mainly for their improved stability and comfort, thanks to technologies such as:
  • 2D-FS: Improved support, responsiveness, lateral stability and control in the toe area of the Wilson Kaos Comp 2.0.
  • The DF2: 9mm drop cushioning for a precise balance between comfort and performance. 
  • Pro Torque Chassis Light: New arch design to maximise speed and stability in the Wilson Kaos Comp 2.0
  • Duralast: Outsole developed with a unique high density rubber compound for maximum durability and traction on all surfaces. 
  • R-DST+: Balance between cushioning and rebound for a more dynamic response.