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€270.00 -48%
Wilson Blade 98 16X19 V8.0 a high performance racket with a new metallized design. Flexibility and stability to enjoy an advanced game.
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€280.00 -50%

Wilson Blade 98 18X20 V8.0 with an eye-catching color-changing finish. Experience high performance due to technologies such as FortyFive or DirectConnect.

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€280.00 -50%
Wilson Blade 98S V8, a racket that evolves to suit the modern game but maintains its unique Spin Effect string pattern.
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€280.00 -20%
Designed to be adapted to the execution of vertical swings, the Wilson Noir Blade 98 is one of the limited edition racquets of Wilson's Fil Noir Performance series, whose flexibility and stability against torsion, offer precision and incredible sensations in every shot.
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€130.00 -31%
Wilson Blade Feel 100 2023 is a racket aimed at power hitters looking for more control. The new BLX frame combines carbon and basalt fibres for better response and feel.
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€110.00 -32%
Wilson Blade Feel 103 is an ideal tennis racket for players who want to make the step from beginner to intermediate, due to its light weight (264 gr), control and feel.
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€249.95 -21%

Logra aumentar tu juego con la raqueta de Wilson Blade 104 V9 2024. Con un mayor punto dulce y una cabeza de mayor tamaño, te ayudará a dar los golpes a la bola con mayor facilidad.

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€169.95 -32%

With a "sharper" and more stable design, the Wilson Blade 101L V9 2024 racquet offers light weight along with exceptional control and feel. Discover the perfect balance of precision and feel to power your game on the court.

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€229.95 -25%

The Wilson Blade 100UL V9 2024 represents the latest evolution in the line, designed specifically for players looking to experience the best feel in the game while maintaining great control without sacrificing power on every shot.

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€239.95 -5%

Discover the new improved, stable and lightweight Wilson Blade V9 2024 racquet, ideal for passionate players who crave maximum control and feel on every shot. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to boost your game with our innovative racquet.

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€279.95 -22%

The Wilson Blade 98S V9 2024 racket is a sharper, more solid racket with a spin-focused string pattern, perfect for passionate players looking to achieve maximum control and feel in their game.

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€279.95 -27%

An advanced and remarkably stable racket, the Wilson Blade 98 18x20 V9 2024 has been created to meet the demands of passionate players in search of supreme control and a unique feel on every shot.

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€279.95 -23%

Approximate availability from 25 May.

A refined and remarkably stable racket, the new Wilson Blade 98 16x19 V9 2024 racket has been specially designed for passionate players in search of maximum control and exceptional feel.

Meet a high performance range with Wilson Blade 2022

Wilson, a great brand of tennis rackets that has been a leader in the global tennis market for many years, representative and sponsor of the most important competitions in the world and the best players in the world such as Roger Federer or Serena Williams. If there is one thing that characterises the Wilson Blade tennis rackets, it is their versatility, adapting to all types of players, as the Wilson Blade range has rackets for all styles and demands. One of the best qualities of the Wilson Balde family of rackets are the different patterns that you can find among its models, to achieve greater control or spin. Without a doubt, Wilson Balde rackets are synonymous with quality and high performance. 

Wilson Blade 2021 rackets for all players

Wilson is back with the competition-ready Blade V8 family. Experience a new sense of connection to the ball with the new Wilson Blade range of rackets and its FortyFive technology.

- FortyFive is a lamination technology to increase the flexibility and stability of Wilson Blade rackets without sacrificing the power of the model.

- Direct Conncect, a technology designed to improve torsional stability by extending the carbon shaft of Wilson Blade rackets.

At M1 Tennis we recommend you to try the Wilson Blade 98 18X20 V8.0, a racket defined by its feel and with the best control. But if your style tends towards an aggressive game with hard hitting, the Wilson Blade 98 16X19 V6.0 is the racket for you.