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Wilson US Open tennis ball, the US Open ball for over 40 years. Its consistency and performance are the gold standard in tennis. For its quality manufacturing, premium fabric is used to provide the confidence players need when it's all on the line.


The Wilson US Open tennis ball is the official ball of the US Open since 1978. This ball integrates a high range of Tex/Tech Industries to offer you optimal performance and resistance on hard surfaces.

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Wilson US Open Extra Duty tennis ball, ideal for hard and abrasive surfaces. Its performance and playability are unmatched. Being the favorite of the US Open for 40 years. Now in format of 24 cans of 3 Wilson Us Open balls.

 Estimated availability from July

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Box of Wilson US Open x4 tennis ball (18 Cans), enjoy the performance of the official ball of the tournament of the great US Open since 1978. This ball integrates a high range of the Tex/Tech Industries company to offer you performances and an optimal resistance on hard surfaces.

The official ball of the Us Open, Wilson tennis ball

For the past 40 years, every point at the US Open has been scored with a Wilson tennis ball. An unprecedented firmness and on-court performance, the Wilson Us Open tennis ball has become a benchmark standard in tennis. That's why, at M1 Tennis, we offer you Wilson tennis balls for their excellent bounce and high quality fabrics. 

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Wilson prides itself on having developed tennis balls capable of adapting to any type of court, but now it can stand as the undisputed leader for achieving the best performance in hard court tennis balls. 

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