€320.00 -25%

Völkl V Cell 1 is the racket with the most exclusive design on the market. This model stands out mainly in power and comfort.

€300.00 -25%
Volkl V-Cell 2 racquet, a ideal racquet for players who want to improve their game in both singles and doubles.

€229.99 -25%

Völkl V Ceel 6 your first step to high competition. It is a very dynamic racket with fantastic maneuverability, swing speed and spin.

€286.00 -25%

The V-Cell 8 300 gr has great all-round performance, easy power generation, great spin potential and great feel.

Meet the Volkl tennis rackets

The German brand Volkl has arrived at M1Tennis. After some time in limbo as far as racket sports are concerned, the German brand is beginning to re-emerge in the tennis scene and this is no coincidence, they have been doing things right and in the end time is rewarding their effort and is regaining the respect and affection of the players. At M1 Tennis we want to support Volkl in their comeback and that's why we offer all their new Volkl tennis rackets at the best prices on the market, only at your online tennis shop - M1 Tennis.

At Match Sports, we have been using this brand as a clear benchmark of quality for years. The Volkl brand has always been a standard in quality construction and design, and this year is no less. The construction materials of their rackets are of the highest quality, giving them a premium build quality. When it comes to playability, Volkl tennis racquets have nothing to envy from their competitors, they have a wide range of products available to suit every type of player.

The best Volkl tennis rackets at your disposal

Volkl has different lines and ranges, such as V-FEEL with Volkl power rackets. Or if you are looking to place the ball at the ends of the court, the racket you are looking for is the Classic line, with Volkl control rackets, a series of rackets perfect for those players who are also looking for comfort and convenience in the game.

We at M1 Tennis offer you a selection of the best Volkl tennis rackets on the market, that's why we have brought the new collection for each and every one of you. The new V-Feel 8 tennis rackets, the new V-Feel 10 in 300 grams and 320 grams for the more experienced players who are looking for a Volkl tennis racket that performs perfectly and the new V1 Classic for players who want a balanced racket, especially if you liked the previous version you can't miss this one for anything in the world.

Which Volkl rackets do we recommend?

Volkl rackets are characterised by their high quality materials as well as being totally exclusive. Within its most important rackets we want to highlight the V-Ceel range with the Volkl V-Cell 8 300 gr, a light, very lively model with spin. 

Volkl has integrated V-Cell carbon in the handle and racket head for a more comfortable and stable hitting experience. It also inherits the REVA system from its previous version. A system meticulously designed to provide a softer feel and protect the arm from vibrations produced by impacts.

All in all, a Volkl tennis rackets that is incredibly responsive from all areas, with a manoeuvrability that will surprise you on exchanges with its speed. Don't miss out on this and other Volkl 2021 rackets. Visit the Volkl tennis rackets section at M1 Tennis and find the racket that best suits your style of play. Find cheap Volkl tennis rackets with the best deals and the best prices online at M1 Tennis!

Shop Online the new Volkl 2021 tennis rackets

Volkl tennis racquets are incredibly responsive from all areas, with a maneuverability that will surprise you in exchanges with its speed. Don't miss out on this and other Volkl 2021 tennis rackets. Visit the Volkl tennis rackets section at M1 Tennis and find the tennis racket that best suits your playing style. Discover cheap Volkl tennis rackets, with the best deals and the best prices online.

If you need more information or have doubts about how to choose your Volkl tennis racket 2021, we will provide you with the best free advice so that you can invest your money wisely and safely in the Volkl tennis racket that best suits you. You can contact us by email, phone or you can also come to our store. 

Visit the Volkl 2021 tennis rackets section and discover your next favorite Volk tennis racket. There is a wide variety of options at M1 Tennis!

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