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Tuboplus X4 Crystal has arrived! With this new, more precise pressurizer, you will accurately maintain the pressure of your tennis balls and maximize their life span.

Tuboplus ball pressuriser: the best way to save money

At M1 Tennis we are aware that our clients are the most active tennis players around. Many come to our shop for advice on how they can make their balls last longer without their quality suffering, and we always recommend the same, the pressurizer Tuboplus. You really don't know the importance of this pressurizer until you try it, it keeps the pressure perfectly on the tennis balls while you are not using them, we are really surprised with how long the balls hold up at maximum performance. The fact that a ball doesn't bounce well not only affects the comfort of the game but also reduces the risk of injury by not straining the back and joints as much.

Help the environment with the Tuboplus Pressuriser

Keeping tennis balls longer will not only help our pockets but also reduce pollution. Buying fewer balls means that fewer balls are thrown away because due to the materials that are made from tennis balls can't be recycled so they are all generated as waste. Undoubtedly the Tuboplus is a necessary purchase for people who are aware of the environment.