€180.00 -20%
These Adidas men's shoes have a lightweight Lightstrike midsole that keeps you close to the court for fast footwork. Made from recycled materials, the upper features at least 50% recycled content. This product represents just one of our solutions to help end plastic waste.

€65.00 -20%

Don't lose an ounce of confidence. The adidas Gamecourt 2.0's lightweight mesh upper and cushioned heel make it the perfect companion on the tennis court. The EVA midsole allows you to comfortably cover all angles.

€150.00 -18%
Designed to excel on the clay courts of Paris, these adidas Barricade tennis shoes have an intuitive lacing system that locks you in by pulling down the neoprene tongue to match the shape of your foot. In the heel, a Geofit system fills in all the gaps so you feel at one with your shoe. Underneath, a cushioned Bounce midsole and a TPU midfoot shank add comfort and stability. Made from a range of recycled materials, this upper features at least 50% recycled content. This product represents just one of our solutions to help end plastic waste.

€150.00 -33%
Show what you're worth. This tennis shoe is part of an adidas collection created to bring visibility to the consequences of climate change, and many players at the southern hemisphere's top tournament are supporting the initiative by wearing it. Its intuitive lacing system combines with Sensepod technology in the heel for superior comfort. The Bounce cushioning midsole and TPU midfoot reinforcement add comfort and stability to your stride.

Buy online tennis shoes

At M1 Tennis we have the best offers of tennis shoes. We have cheap tennis shoes with clay and all court soles, ready for hard courts. We also have shoes with hybrid soles. This type of hybrid sole of tennis shoes is a recent innovation, trying that the users do not need more than a pair of tennis shoes. Although it seems not to have worked very well, it seems to have a considerable lack of grip on hard courts, so it is not what players are looking for. From M1 Tennis we recommend having a pair of shoes for each sole. We believe that this is a major investment that in the long run will pay off. At M1 Tennis we have the best prices for tennis shoes. Take advantage of our offers!

How to choose tennis shoes?

On the court we sprint, jump, brake, and glide as we move from side to side, so it is advisable to wear tennis shoes that support and maintain your ankle, giving you stability and fluidity in all your movements. 

Also, it is very important to take into account your playing style. If you tend to sprint and have a constant footwork, you will need a lighter tennis shoe that allows you to pivot and glide easily. But if our style is dominated by a more static baseline game, it would be advisable to look for a tennis shoe that provides more stability and with more lateral reinforcements.

Hardcourt tennis shoes

For hard courts, the outsole of these tennis shoes is made of very durable materials with a modified Omni or herringbone outsole pattern, ideal for optimal grip and abrasion resistance. The outsole of the hardcourt tennis shoe is made of materials designed to absorb impact, ensuring a comfortable and responsive ride. The toe of the hardcourt tennis shoe is usually reinforced to prevent wear and tear in movements in which the foot drags.

Clay Sole Tennis Shoes

For clay court tennis shoes, the ideal outsole has a herringbone pattern or Clay outsole.  This type of "zig-zag" pattern maximises traction at toe-off or when turning on the court, preventing the foot from slipping on sudden movements.

Grass court tennis shoes

We can also find grass courts, a less aggressive surface than those mentioned above. In these tennis shoes for grass, a sole with small studs is used that grips the grass fibres perfectly, although tennis shoes with clay soles have also proven to be suitable for grass because of their grip and stability.

What brands of tennis shoes can I buy?

We have all the leading brands that specialise in tennis shoes. At M1 Tennis, we want to bring you the best of each brand because we know the importance of playing with a high quality tennis shoe. Wearing special tennis shoes can maximise your performance on the court and reduce the risk of injury. 

Visit the online catalogue of tennis shoes where you will find what you need at an unbeatable price. We have tennis shoes in all colours: white, red, yellow, black, blue... and in all sizes for men, women and children up to size 48.

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Come to Deportes Match and we will give you the best service possible! And if you have any doubts, you can call our contact phone number and our specialists will answer all your questions and advise you on which tennis shoe to buy. Buy now at M1 Tennis the best tennis shoe for you and take advantage of the best tennis offers! And if you want even better deals don't hesitate to go to our outlet tennis shoes section where you will find the best tennis shoes of the year 2021-2022 brand new at completely ridiculous prices.