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Introducing the Babolat Boost Rafa, a tennis racket designed to ensure manageability and balanced performance on the court.



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Approximate availability from 18 January.

The Babolat Evo Drive Lite 2021, an ultra light racket weighing only 255 grams that will provide great speed and an extremely agile game.

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Approximate availability from 18 January.

The Babolat Evo Drive Lite Women 2021, an ultra-lightweight racket weighing only 255 grams that will provide great speed and a very agile game.

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The Babolat Boost Drive 2021 a lightweight and powerful racket, ideal for all players looking for a high performance racket at a great price.

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Approximate availability from 18 January.

The Babolat Boost Drive Women 2021, an ideal racket for beginners or occasional tennis players.



The new 2021 Babolat Boost Aero Woman racket, the best racket to make your debut in tennis for being a very light, agile and manageable racket.

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The new Babolat Aero Lite 2023 racket is one of the most manoeuvrable racquets in the Evo range. That's why the racket has been designed for easy progress on the court. Its Syntec Evo grip, with a soft touch and grip to hit the ball more easily.

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The new Babolat Evo Aero Lite Pink has everything you need to progress easily on the court.  The new lightweight frame design is designed to give you the best balance between power and comfort.


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This lighter version of the CX PRO 265 is more manoeuvrable and delivers a lightweight, but game-changing mix of power and comfort.


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This racket offers a larger sweet spot in combination with a lighter weight to allow a very easy handling in all situations on the court.



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Head Boom Team L racquet, the lightest model of the Head Boom 2022 line, will offer you better manoeuvrability and comfort.


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For those players looking for a versatile racket we have the Head Radical Team L 2023, a model designed for any type of court and that is also lightweight and offers an optimized combination of control, power and spin.


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The Head Extreme Team L racket, the ultimate spin machine for intermediate players, is the lightest racket in a series that has been revamped with cutting-edge Auxetic technology.


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The Head Speed Power 2022 racquet, a lightweight racquet that offers speed, power and manoeuvrability in an upgraded version of the Speed PWR.


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A lightweight racquet, the Challenge LITE is a racquet that, despite its light weight, can generate shots with spin and a lot of power. This racquet is ideal for players who want to take their training and matches seriously.


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The Prince Ripcord 100 280 racket provides an incredible blend of spin, precision and speed, making it a great choice for intermediate players.

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The Prince x 105 270G Right racket is unique in that it is designed for both left and right handed players.

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If you are looking for technique and style in one racket, you have found the ideal racket. The Prince Random 265G racket is the result of a collaboration between Hydrogen and Prince.



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The new tennis racket from Tecnifibre, the Tempo 255 2023 model, has arrived. If you are looking for an ideal racket to start playing tennis, this is the racket for you.



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Wilson Clash 100UL v2 racquet, an ultra-lightweight racquet from the Clash line, ideal for players prone to shoulder injuries.


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€250.00 -35%

Wilson Pro staff 97UL v14 not only stands out for being the lightest model of the Pro staff v14 family, it is accompanied by great speed and playability thanks to an ultra-light frame with Paradigm Bending technology.


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€160.00 -31%
Wilson Burn 100ULS V5 is a very maneuverable racquet for those players For players who love to control the game from the baseline.

How to choose a tennis rackets?

When choosing a tennis rackets, it is important to consider several factors, such as your level of play, your type of play and your strength. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

Depending on your level of play:

For beginners, it is advisable to opt for a rackets that provide comfort and a higher ball output. Rackets with a larger head size and a medium or wide profile provide a larger sweet spot and more power with less effort. As you get better you can opt for smaller head sizes and slightly heavier weights.

Considering your game:

Your style of play also plays an important role in choosing the right rackets. If you are an offensive player who prefers to hit with precision and placement, it is advisable to select a rackets that is heavier and more balanced towards the handle. These rackets provide stability and control in your shots. These rackets are usually built with a narrower profile or frame providing greater flexibility and therefore increasing the contact time with the ball which provides better directional control on your shots.
On the other hand, if you are an aggressive player looking to generate a lot of topspin weight, the rackets need to help you generate more power to compensate for the loss of energy when hitting the ball from low to high to generate maximum spin. In this case rackets with an intermediate weight and a slightly higher profile are perfect. This will make it easier to generate speed in your shots.

Considering your strength:

From M1 Tennis we think that the ideal rackets weight is the one that the player handles well. If you have good strength and are able to generate your own power in your shots, you can opt for a heavier rackets. These rackets provide more stability and allow you to hit the ball harder. However, if you are not as strong or prefer a lighter rackets, you can select a lighter rackets that will help you generate speed in your shots without putting too much strain on your body. In the case of lighter rackets, brands manufacture their models by increasing the balance of the racket to compensate for the loss of power.

Shop online Tennis Rackets at M1 Tennis

Discover the tennis rackets collection in our online shop M1Tennis. Rackets made with the best high quality materials and at the best price. In our shop you can buy adult tennis rackets from the best brands, along with a team of professionals who will be able to advise you perfectly and help you in everything you need.
At M1 Tennis you can buy tennis rackets for all levels of play, from high-end tennis rackets for professionals to beginners and perfection rackets that will help you improve your technique. Take advantage of the best deals on cheap tennis rackets that you can find and don't forget to visit the tennis rackets outlet area.

From Deportes Match, we want to emphasize that we have been the official stringer of Roland Garros for more than seven years and in M1 Tennis you can buy the perfect tennis rackets for you, so when choosing a rackets you can customize it by selecting the size of grip that best suits your hand: L1, L2, L3, etc... Along with a wide variety of specific strings where you can also choose the tension of your strings.

In our shop you will find the rackets of professional players, such as Rafa Nadal's racket the Babolat Pure Aero RafaWilson Pro Staff V 14 the racket model that Roger Federer used , Novak Djokovic's racket the Head Speed Graphene 360+ and the racket that Serena Williams plays with the Wilson Blade SW102 Autograph.

Tennis Racket Concepts

Profile - Indicates the width of the "shaft" or profile of the rackets. It is indicated in millimetres and will provide us with greater power in our shots when the profile is wider and greater control as it narrows.
It should also be noted that there are rackets with constant profiles, the same throughout the racket, and others that appear with a variable profile in certain areas of the frame.
Pattern - It is the number of strings of the rackets both horizontally and vertically. The higher the number of strings in a rackets, the less friction there will be between the strings and therefore we will have more control of the ball and less strings we will break, and of course the opposite, when there are less strings in our rackets, there will be more friction between the strings and our shot will be more powerful.
Surface - This is the hitting area of the rackets. It is where we place the strings. The size of this area will directly influence our game. 

Starting from the size:
Midsize tennis rackets of approximately 600cm2, a size used by a professional player.
Midplus tennis rackets from 630cm2 to 660cm2, this size is already more playable, offering a middle ground between control and power.
Oversize tennis rackets with a size of 660 to 700 cm2. This is already a size of considerable proportions for players accustomed to a larger "sweet" spot that allows them to hit a good shot without centring the impact too much.
Superoversize tennis rackets from 700 to 770cm2 are oversized almost exclusively for players who need a lot of help from the racket.

Balance: Always starting from the rackets, the balance will indicate where the balance point of the racket is, it is measured in centimetres. The higher the balance, the more "heady" the racquet will be and, consequently the more powerful it will be. On the contrary, the racket will be more controllable when the balance is lower.
Weight: This is the weight of the racket without strings. Each player, depending on his game, needs a different weight in his rackets, so it is very important to choose the right one in order to avoid injuries in our joints.

Tennis Racket Swing
Another factor to take into account in a rackets is the type of game it is going to be used for. Starting from the fact that we call "Swing" the path made by our arm to hit the ball, we will talk about:

Short Swing tennis rackets: These rackets are usually high-end rackets because their construction is made with mixtures of materials such as titanium, carbon, kevlar, etc. As these materials are much stiffer, they make it possible to build rackets that are very light in weight and therefore very comfortable.
Medium Swing tennis rackets: These are perhaps the most widely used rackets as they adapt to several different types of games. In this type we find rackets of the three ranges: high, medium and low, depending on the materials and technologies used in each case. It is the club rackets par excellence and it is also used in competition in lower categories.
Medium Swing tennis rackets: These are perhaps the most widely used rackets as they adapt to different types of games. In this type we find rackets of the three ranges: high, medium and low, depending on the materials and technologies used in each case. It is the club rackets par excellence and it is also used in competition in lower categories.
Long Swing tennis rackets: We come to the control or competition rackets. This is the rackets used by players who are looking for more power and control. The weight and close-to-the-fist balance provides control and stability.






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