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With the model Aero G, Babolat has launched a take down of the line of rackets of the great Rafa Nadal with an exceptional quality.

€239.95 -36%

Babolat Pure Aero Team is the little sister of Nadal's racket, it has practically all the same parameters as the 300 grams Pure Aero.

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The Babolat Pure Strike Team 2020, a racket that retains the qualities that characterize its previous sister as the great control and precision adding new improvements in this version, a perfect racket for offensive players.

€109.95 -31%

The Babolat Boost Drive 2021 a lightweight and powerful racket, ideal for all players looking for a high performance racket at a great price.

€159.95 -33%

Babolat Evo Drive 2021, the racket inspired by the design of Fabio Fognini and Garbine Murguruza's racquets with a slightly larger and lighter sieve.

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With its blue, white and grey finish, the Babolat Drive G 115 racquet is a great option for players looking for something light, cheap and with great handling.

€260.00 -50%

The Babolat Drive G 115 racket is a great option for players looking for a lightweight, economical racket with great maneuverability.

€54.95 -31%

The Babolat Evoke 102 2021, the ideal racket for both a beginner and an occasional player looking for a racket that provides comfort, solidity, but without any loss of playability.