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Babolat Gold All Court X3 Tennis Ball Box, a ball with good performance and durability ideal for tournaments.

€110.00 -19%
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Ball box with 18 canisters with 4 balls per canister. This Babolat ball combines durability and consistency for a fluid game.

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€7.99 -38%
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The Dunlop Tour Brilliance is a pressurized tennis ball designed with a reflective fabric to improve ball visibility by up to 10%.

€11.99 -33%

The tennis ball for champions, Dunlop Fort All Courts TS with maximized durability and performance to offer you the best quality of play at any time and surface. Enjoy the 4-ball can format now.

€135.00 -15%

Dunlop Fort All Court x4 – Box. A high performance ball, designed with HD Core and Fluro Cloth technology, a combination that maximizes the durability of the ball.

€12.99 -47%

The Dunlop ATP World Tour for its special features, HD Pro Clot to offer superior visibility on the court and HD PRO Core designed to maximize the durability of the ball on any surface, make it a high performance ball for elite players. The official ball of the Atp World Tour.




The new Head X3 Black pressuriser will help to maintain the pressure of your balls between matches. With this pressuriser you won't need a pump, as it aims to maintain maximum ball pressure between matches, making it the easiest pressuriser to use.
Balls not included
Valve not included


The new Head X100 Basket Ball Pressuriser Cube is Head's largest capacity ball pressuriser. It has been designed with the purpose of recovering pressure from tennis and padel balls. The Head X100 Basket ball pressurizer bucket is aimed at schools or tennis clubs to achieve savings on the purchase of balls.
Balls not included
Valve not included



Tuboplus X4 Crystal has arrived! With this new, more precise pressurizer, you will accurately maintain the pressure of your tennis balls and maximize their life span.


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At M1 Tennis we want to ensure that at all times our customers can enjoy the highest level possible, so we have taken care to have the best and most extensive catalogue of tennis balls, we have all the top brands in the market specializing in tennis balls, the best known and valued by both critics of tennis and our players. We have tennis balls from the best brands. There really are people who completely ignore this aspect of tennis and buy any tennis ball they see out there and are guided by the price and buy tennis balls that are either of poor quality or that really only last them a couple of matches at the most. This is a fatal mistake because in this sport every detail counts a lot, so from M1 Tennis we think it is worth spending a little more on tennis balls in exchange for the quality that this brings, you can even buy a pressurizer bottle like the Pascal Box to make the tennis balls last even longer.
As a recommendation, we can highlight the Dunlop Fort All Court or Dunlop Tour Brillance tennis balls, two top selling tennis balls that will not disappoint, available on our website in both can and box format.