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Experience true performance with the new Tecnifibre T-Fight RSL 295. A 295 gr racket that is maneuverable, powerful and tolerant of off-center hits.
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Racket T-Fight RS 315 is an ideal model for competition. It combines power, stability and designed to offer you high level performance.
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Achieve the perfect combination of power and price with the new Tecnifibre Tfight 295 Isoflex racket.


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Tecnifibre TF-X1 285 is a versatile racket with a perfect balance between power, stability, control and comfort.



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The new Tenifibre Tempo 270 racquet comes with great features, the most outstanding of which is its unparalleled power that will help you win all your matches.

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The new tennis racket from Tecnifibre, the Tempo 255 2023 model, has arrived. If you are looking for an ideal racket to start playing tennis, this is the racket for you.

The history of the Tecnifibre Rackets

The rackets of the brand Tecnifibre have always been a clear reference of quality, because since 1979 when the company was founded, they have always sold tennis rackets, squash rackets, bags, strings and some other accessories. This has led them to earn a well-deserved reputation in the world of tennis. In 1987, the strings of the brand Tecnifibre were the most famous and even became the official strings of Roland Garros. Such is the quality of their products that in 2013 they became official sponsors of the ATP World Tour.

The quality of the products signed by Tecnifibre is more than assured. It is one of the most important brands in the world of tennis and it surprises us more and more with the quality and price of its products. Being a relatively new brand in the world of tennis, it has positioned itself as a reference brand as far as strings and rackets are concerned. Offering one of the best value for money on the market. We offer a wide range of weights in their rackets, thinking of all types of players.

It has some players like Marius Copil, who at 27 years old is playing with a Tecnifibre T-Fight XTC, a racket with power and lightness. Another great player is Jérémy Chardy, who has played several Grand Slam tournaments, reaching number 25 in 2013. Like his partner, he plays with a Tecnifibre T-Fight 305 XTC. As we have said, Tecnifibre rackets are relatively new in the tennis world, so they are not as well known as some other more classic brands. In spite of this, we are in front of one of the brands that offer more quality at a very competitive price. Adapting their rackets to all kinds of weights, so that players can find what they are looking for.

At M1 Tennis we recommend the rackets Tecnifibre

From Deportes Match we would like to commend Technifibre for their hard work and good performance over the years. We believe that Tecnifibre is one of the leading brands in the tennis sector. Tecnifibre has high quality, very light and excellent material rackets. It is a different experience for every player. From Tecnifibre, they look for each player to get their own experience, this is thanks to the fact that they have achieved a great range of weights in their rackets. In addition to this, we would like to inform you that we have several ranges according to the type of player we are, from beginner's rackets to higher range rackets for expert players. This added to the great variety of weights in their rackets, makes this one of the best options as far as versatility is concerned.

Explore the new Tecnifibre rackets collection

In Deportes Match we have been in the tennis and racket sports sector for over forty years and have seen this brand grow from very early on. We want to give the best service to our customers, because we believe that everyone should be able to buy with the guarantee and security that Deportes Match provides. For this reason and because we want to improve day after day, we offer the best prices of Tecnifibre rackets! We also want to offer our customers the best and most extensive catalogue of Tecnifibre rackets so that you can enter our shop or our website and find a racket that suits you. Among the Tecnifibre rackets that you can find in our shop we highlight Daniil Medvedev's racket, the Tecnifibre T-Fight 305 Rs. In the Tecnifibre rackets section you will find a great variety at the best price you can find in the market, even so if you want Tecnifibre tennis rackets from previous years or cheap Tecnifibre rackets you can find them in the Outlet section to buy them at a more competitive price if possible!

Buy in our online shop the Tecnifibre 2021 tennis Racquets

Visit now the Tecnifibre 2021 tennis racket collection in your online tennis store M1 Tennis. 

At M1 Tennis we know that the confidence we transmit to our customers is essential. That is why we strive to always give the best service to all our customers.

If you need more information or have doubts about choosing a Tecnifibre tennis racket, you can contact us by email, phone or come to our store, we will provide you with the best free advice so you can invest your money wisely and safely, in the Tecnifibre tennis racket that best suits your style of play and needs.

Enjoy the most competitive prices online and buy your Tecnifibre tennis racket. There is a great variety of options at M1 Tennis!

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