Discover the Tecnifibre brand

Tecnifibre, a great brand in the world of tennis, totally recognized by any fan of this wonderful racket sport knows this brand either for its fantastic rackets or for what we are going to talk about today: Its strings. You don't have to be someone very deep in the world of tennis to know that Technifibre is among the top brands when it comes to strings. And that's because they perform all the functions you want them to. Whether you are an offensive player who likes to climb the net to harass your opponents or a defensive player who likes to play from the bottom of the court, controlling the game and taking the lead in the match, Tecnifibre has a string for you, choose the one you like best in its wide range of variety and colors. From M1 Tennis we recommend the X-One Biphase string, in our opinion the best multifilament string you can find nowadays, a string that offers a lot of control and good sensations apart from a great power but that doesn't charge the arm too much. No doubt a great string that you will be satisfied with, although if you are not a fan of this string we also recommend other ranges of Tecnifibre like the Black code and the Red code. If you have any doubts you can come to our shop to receive the best possible advice.