€80.00 -37%

With a design inspired by the eruption of a volcano, the MX Spark Elite racquet comes already corked. Its increased sweet spot due to its slightly larger head increases the racquet's power. Made from a crystalline alloy with a gram size 1000 times smaller than a normal metal, we get a more resistant material

€80.00 -37%

Its curious design simulating an erupting volcano make MX Spark Elite a striking and elegant racquet. The racquet comes already strung and with its slightly large head guarantees a wide point and increased power.
The racquet comes with a slightly larger head to ensure a wide point and increased power. Its metal construction based on a crystalline alloy of a gram 1000 times smaller than any metal gets a construction of a very resistant racket.

€90.00 -36%

A completely new model, MX Spark Pro bluecon a design inspired by the eruption of a volcano, provides a higher power than the ELITE version. Ideal for occasional players since it is made of graphite, it is a very light and manageable racquet, making it a very versatile racquet.

€100.00 -30%

Inspired by an erupting volcano, the MX Spark Tour jadeblue racquet comes already strung. With a slightly wider profile, it provides better power than the PRO version. Included in the racquet is ACORE technology, with which an engineered cross-section in the shaft of the racquet increases stability for improved control and potential.