Head BOOM rackets, explosive fun.

The BOOM line is a line of rackets that you will feel very comfortable playing with. The Head Boom rackets have been designed for players who want to feel more comfortable, pick up the rackets and start playing.  

The Head Boom rackets provide an unparalleled feeling when playing with it, the sublime impact, the sound when hitting the ball, make that when you play with this racket, you only think about having fun and enjoying the moment. 

About the Head Boom rackets

Every element in the construction of the Head Boom rackets has been carefully crafted. Its hallmark has been the blue colour that sets it apart from other Head rackets. A colour that produces a visual impact when you come into contact with it.

The Head BOOM rackets have an Auxetic construction, which will give you an optimal impact feel and unmatched precision. In addition to its construction, it also features a uniform string pattern that allows for a firm ball trajectory and allows for a more reliable and forgiving game.