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Pascal Box is a solid and compact hermetically sealed pressurizing bottle to charge the pressure of tennis, paddle and frontenis balls. This way you can in the best conditions and only worry about your opponent.

Pascal Box pressurizer for tennis balls

Pascal Box is a pressurizing can designed to maintain the proper pressure and bounce of the balls. Pascal Box will allow you to enjoy a better playing experience for more matches, forget about having to play with soft balls with this Pascal Box pressure canister.

Advantages of the Pascal Box pressure canister

With Pascal Box, no more pointlessly throwing away your tennis balls after 2 matches because they are deflated. Buy Online Pascal Box at M1 Tennis, it includes a precision pressure gauge and capacity for 3 balls.

This pressurizer not only gives you the possibility to reuse your tennis balls for as many matches as you want, with Pascal Box you can reduce your environmental impact and the cost of tennis balls, until you decide to replace them with others. 

Playing with a good tennis ball can reduce the risk of injury from forced movement. With the Pascal Box ball pressurizer, you can regulate the pressure of your tennis balls according to your playing style or the conditions of the environment in which you play.