Buy online Munich tennis shoes 

At M1 Tennis have arrived the latest news in Munich tennis shoes. Discover in our online catalog the best tennis shoes of the Munich brand at an unbeatable price.

Munich brings us this season Munich tennis shoes especially comfortable to play tennis. In Munich know how important it is to wear the right shoes to play tennis, so the Munich tennis shoes are designed only with the best quality materials, to ensure that your feet stay comfortable throughout the game. 

Technologies in Munich tennis shoes 

Munich tennis shoes will surprise you with their performance and, due to the development of the following technologies, Munich tennis shoes provide great comfort in the tread, but without compromising the responsiveness of the same. In addition to exceptional grip and durability on any court. 

X-Lite: Expanded EVA. High absorption, lightweight material that provides a more reactive response in the tread.

Grip Line: Double herringbone pattern for better grip. 

Antishock Pad: Cushioning piece located in the heel to absorb impacts.

X-Agonal Insole: Lightweight, breathable and flexible insole, due to a honeycomb structure. 

Munich Atomik Tennis Shoes 

Munich Atomik tennis shoes are one of the best options for playing tennis, combining a perfect choice of materials and structural design. With the Munich Atomik tennis shoes you will be ready to tear up the court without a doubt. 

The new Munich Atomik tennis shoes offer an optimal fit to the foot. It presents a structure of mesh fabric reinforced in the areas most exposed to wear, in addition the toecap has a KPU piece for extra durability.

Munich Oxygen Plus Tennis Shoes

The Munich Oxygen Plus Tennis Shoes is a tennis shoe characterized by its lightness and adjustment to the foot, to its elastic interior. Its mesh fabric base has added reinforcements in the areas exposed to wear and tear for extra resistance to wear.

The Munich Oxygen Plus midsole combined with Anti-Shock inserts provide improved heel cushioning. In addition, the TPU-reinforced bridge provides greater stability in lateral movements. 

Munich Pad X Tennis Shoes

If you are looking for more grip, the Munich Pad X tennis shoes is the ideal model. Thanks to the Grip Line technology, it gives the sole extra grip due to an innovative double herringbone pattern. 

Experience great control, cushioning and grip in every step due to the combination of Anti-Shock, Tpu bridge and Grip Line technologies in the Munich PadX Tennis shoes.