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Men's sports T-shirt in black with detail on the side, made of durable and lightweight fabric. The T-shirt is made with polyester to guarantee quick drying, and with elastane, which favours elasticity and flexibility, making them perfect for all kinds of sports. This technical T-shirt is made with SINCRONIC technology, which prevents wrinkling and deformation of the fabrics.
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Men's sport shorts in black, made of durable and lightweight fabric. The shorts are made of polyester for quick drying and elastane for stretch and flexibility, so you'll have freedom of movement in these sweatpants. The trousers have a good fit thanks to the internal drawstring at the waist, two side pockets, and are made with SINCRONIC technology, which prevents wrinkles and deformation of the fabrics.



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JHayber tennis clothing features different design technologies and fabrics to provide you with the best comfort and comfort on the court during play, such as:

ADAPTEX: Technology that makes the fabric more flexible, lightweight and breathable.
FLEXYDRY: A combination of elastane and polyester to maximise the elasticity and flexibility of JHayber tennis clothing and to ensure it dries quickly.
SINCRONIC: This technology reduces the weight of the fabric, prevents wrinkles and deformation in JHayber tennis clothing, giving you more comfort on the court.
WINDPROTEX: It will protect you from wind and light rain.

JHayber Men's Tennis Clothing

Don't miss out on the best in JHayber tennis clothing, discover the selection of Jhayber clothing for men, where you will find JHayber tennis shorts for men that are adjustable and lightweight. Jhayber tennis shirts for men with Drygear and Sincronic technologies.

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JHayber Women's Tennis Clothing

The entire collection of JHayber women's tennis clothing is here, made from durable, lightweight and quick-drying fabrics, so you can play tennis without distractions.

The JHayber women's tennis skirt is made from a combination of elastane and polyester fabrics for a more durable and lightweight garment. The JHayber tennis skirts fit and adjust perfectly thanks to the inner shorts, offering great movement on the court. 

Combine your JHayber tennis skirts or shorts with the JHayber women's tennis shirts, which also feature design technologies and materials such as Adaptex, Flexdry, Syncronic or Windprotex, so that nothing can hold you back on the court.

Cheap JHayber tennis clothing

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