€280.00 -26%

Enjoy the high performance of the Head Radical Mp 2023 on any surface, thanks to its design with innovative Auxetic technology.

€210.00 -31%

The Head Radical S 2021 is a racket with a larger size and lower weight than the other rackets in the series. Ideal for intermediate level players.

€200.00 -40%

The Head Radical LITE 2021 features versatile styling, visible on all types of surfaces and guarantees playability, maneuverability and power.


€290.00 -32%
New Head Speed Pro 2022, a model specially designed for speed and a fast swing. Now, the Head Speed Pro promises an even greater sensational feel thanks to the introduction of the new structure in Auxetic material.


€230.00 -28%

The Graphene 360+ Extreme PRO is the heaviest model of the EXTREME series, ideal if you are an advanced player with a high level of power and spin.

€220.00 -39%
Extreme TOUR racket with Graphene 360+ technology with a smaller head size than the rest of the range. It is designed for power and spin.


€240.00 -29%

Domine your opponents with the new Head Gravity MP. It integrates Graphene 360+ technology developed to optimize the maximum energy transfer along with spiral fibers, a combination that offers more power and an unparalleled feel.

€210.00 -24%

Head Gravity MP Lite racquet, a model designed for young players with an aggressive style on the court. Due to Graphene 360+ technology, it combines incredible energy transfer enhancement with a 16x20 string pattern so you can easily dominate your opponent.

€270.00 -35%

Head Gravity Pro, is a racquet designed for advanced level players. It has an enlarged sweet spot accompanied by a teardrop-shaped head and an 18x20 pattern, to give your game more control. In addition, it also includes the exclusive Graphene 360+ technology designed by Head for extra power and feel to your game.

€200.00 -35%

Head Gravity S, a lightweight frame racquet with which you will easily dominate matches due to its large sweet spot, combined with technologies such as Graphene 360+, designed to optimize energy transfer and gain greater flexibility and sensations during the stroke.

€270.00 -41%

New Head Gravity Tour 2021, a racquet with a large sweet spot designed for new generations of players. It combines a better energy transfer and spiral fibers (Graphene 360+) to offer you a unique performance and sensations in the field. Give your game a plus of power and control with which you will overwhelm any opponent.


€250.00 -20%

The Head Speed Speed Power PWR Lite 2022, the lightest tennis racket in the Head Speed series, will offer you fast power thanks to its larger head size.

€225.00 -32%

Head EXTREME PWR es muy ligera y perfecta para jugadores que buscan comodidas en su juego. Con menos vibraciones y mas manejable  


Head tennis rackets, a top brand at the best prices

The Head brand was founded in 1950 with the aim of making sports equipment such as skis. It was not until 1960 that they began to market Head tennis rackets, they were one of the first brands to make aluminium rackets, reaching the US Open in 1969. Nowadays it is one of the most important brands in the tennis industry, having in its ranks one of the most important players in the history of tennis as Novak Djokovic. Thanks to the Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro, he has managed to win all the Grand Slam tournaments over the years, and even some of these tournaments, several years in a row. In July 2011 he even became number one in the rankings, dethroning the then "King of the Court" Rafa Nadal.

Nor can we forget some players protected by Head rackets such as Andy Murray, who has little to envy to the Serbian Djokovic, as he has managed to win several Wimbledon tournaments and even a US Open in 2012. He also managed to reach the number one ranking in November 2016. All this has been thanks to his game and, of course, to the Head Radical Pro 2021, Andy Murray's rackets. Head rackets are of a very high quality. With a wide range of rackets, you are sure to find the one that best suits your game.

The Head Gravity MP belongs to one of the most outstanding players in the world of tennis for only a few years. Alexander Zverev, who at only 22 years of age has managed to position himself at number 3 in the ATP ranking. He is currently one of the best players we have in the ATP ranking, ranking 7th. Alexander Zverev's racquet is perfect for players who are looking for a good ball output. Perfect for players who like to hit the balls to the back of the court.

Cheap and quality Head tennis rackets 

Head tennis rackets are divided into various models depending on the type of player you are. We can find the Head Radical range, a versatile range where we have a wide range of options to find the rackets that best suits our style of play. On the other hand, in the range of more power we have the Head Speed range. The Head Speed rackets aim to give more power and ball output to the player, for those who want to play from the back of the court. Finally we want to highlight the Head Prestige range, a type of rackets made for classic players who like versatility in a rackets. They play flat and in a more conservative way, but maintain a good ball output. A perfect balance between control and power.

Head tennis rackets are of very high quality and will not leave any player indifferent. This great brand has managed to make rackets of different weights and balances, so that every player can find the Head tennis rackets that best suits his or her game. From Match Sports we highly recommend Head Tennis Rackets. It is a brand that will not let you down.

Shop in our online shop for head rackets 

Find the best Head tennis rackets at M1 Tennis! We have the best deals on tennis rackets. Head tennis rackets are of the highest quality, made from the finest materials. Head tennis rackets are one of the most respected rackets in the industry. That's why at Match Sports we offer a wide range of Head rackets where you can find updated models and their older versions, brand new and on sale so you can still enjoy those classic models, but at a better price. We also have great deals on Head tennis rackets for kids, so you can find the one you like the most!

Buy your Head 2021 tennis rackets

Head has taken the plunge with a new range with the Head Gravity MP 2021 rackets. This new range of Head 2021 tennis rackets stands out for its incredible two-colour design. Including all the new Head technologies, manufacturing their rackets with the best materials and thinking about every type of player, this new Head series has options for everyone!  And we love this new Head 2021 tennis rackets collection.

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