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For those players looking for a versatile racket we have the Head Radical Team L 2023, a model designed for any type of court and that is also lightweight and offers an optimized combination of control, power and spin.

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Head Radical Team 2023, a versatile racket that offers superior impact feel and playability thanks to the innovative Auxetic technology. The updated design of the Radical Team 2023 will allow you to enjoy a modern combination of power, control and spin.

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Enjoy the high performance of the Head Radical Mp 2023 on any surface, thanks to its design with innovative Auxetic technology.

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Head Radical Pro 2023 racket, this model is aimed at tournament players on any surface. The updated Radical Pro 2023 version features the revolutionary Auxetic technology, combining power, control and spin in a balanced way.

Head Radical, designed for modern players

Head, one of the most prestigious brands on the market, especially in the world of tennis, is always innovating and giving the best quality to its players. They implement the most avant-garde and modern technologies and are always working on the development of new materials to implement in their rackets. That is why this brand carries the word versatility by flag, whatever style you have, whether you are an aggressive player who seeks to harass his opponents in every shot or a more control-oriented player who seeks to pelotear until causing the failure of his rival, you have a head tennis rackets waiting for you. We at M1 Tennis can't recommend the Head Radical range enough as it represents all of the above.

Enjoy the best sensations with Head Radical

One of the things that has characterised Head tennis rackets over the last few years is the exceptional use of graphene. It is a strong and lightweight material which makes it perfect for making tennis rackets. Head has incorporated graphene in its Head Radical range but in an improved way by providing shock absorption, a technology that allows the player's arm not to suffer no matter how long they play, and also a vibration reduction technology that allows the player a greater firmness in their shots and an optimal realization of effects, all this of course without detracting from the other advantages of graphene.

Head Graphene 360+ Radical 2021 Rackets

Graphene 360+ is the combination of Graphene 360 technologies and innovative spiral-fibres to optimise energy transfer during impact, providing more flexibility to the racquet frame for an unparalleled clean impact feel.

Thanks to the implementation of Graphene 360+ in the Head Radical, the frame deformation is minimal and this offers the player more manoeuvrability and power during impact.

If you have questions or need more information about which Head Graphene Radical rackets can best suit your game, you can come to our shop or call us and we will provide you with the best free advice so you can invest your money wisely. There is a wide variety of options from the Head Radical range at M1 Tennis!

Head Radical tennis rackets, that you can buy online at M1 Tennis

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