Buy Online tennis rackets Head Instinct 2021

The Head Instinct 2021 family of rackets has been revamped to bring a series of rackets to improve speed and versatility on the court. But without a doubt the most significant change is the frame construction with Graphene 360+ technology, to feel the energy in every shot.

The Head Insinct rackets line stands out for its striking design, let yourself be carried away by the contrasting blue colours and silver details of the new range of Head Instinct rackets

The Head Instinct 2021 tennis rackets are available in MP, S and Lite models to suit the style and demands of every player.

Head Instinct with Graphene 360+ tennis racket

As expected, the new Head Instinct 2021 family of rackets features innovative Graphene 360+ technology to improve racket flex and ensure a clean impact feel. 

The combination of innovative spiral fibres and Graphene technology in the frame of the Head Instinct 2021 rackets optimises the energy of every shot for pure power.