€270.00 -36%

New Head Gravity Tour 2021, a racquet with a large sweet spot designed for new generations of players. It combines a better energy transfer and spiral fibers (Graphene 360+) to offer you a unique performance and sensations in the field. Give your game a plus of power and control with which you will overwhelm any opponent.

€270.00 -35%

Head Gravity Pro, is a racquet designed for advanced level players. It has an enlarged sweet spot accompanied by a teardrop-shaped head and an 18x20 pattern, to give your game more control. In addition, it also includes the exclusive Graphene 360+ technology designed by Head for extra power and feel to your game.

€210.00 -24%

Head Gravity MP Lite racquet, a model designed for young players with an aggressive style on the court. Due to Graphene 360+ technology, it combines incredible energy transfer enhancement with a 16x20 string pattern so you can easily dominate your opponent.

€240.00 -29%

Domine your opponents with the new Head Gravity MP. It integrates Graphene 360+ technology developed to optimize the maximum energy transfer along with spiral fibers, a combination that offers more power and an unparalleled feel.

Why buy a head gravity rackets?

The new Head Gravity rackets series will allow you to fight every ball, even if you are in the worst situation. The design of the Head Gravity rackets focuses on offering a large sweet spot combined with a frame constructed of high quality materials, with the best technology developed by Head. Without a doubt, Head Gravity rackets are designed to give you the confidence you need on the court. 

Head Instinct with Graphene 360+ tennis racket

Head Gravity tennis rackets incorporate advanced enhancements so you can experience crisp impact, a unique sweet spot and optimised energy transfer on every shot.

Graphene 360+: Graphite combined with spiral fibres for improved energy transfer.
Sweet Zone: Wide section of the string, raised towards the upper zone for easier play.
Flex Groove: Deep flex groove to maximize frame geometry for better feel. Elliptical Beam: Elliptical frame design in the core area for more flex and touch.

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Head has taken the plunge with the Head Gravity range of rackets. This new range stands out for its incredible two-colour design. Including all the new Head technologies, manufacturing their rackets with the best materials and thinking in every type of player. The new Head Gravity rackets family has something for everyone! Because we love the new Head Gravity rackets, we invite you to try the Head Gravity MP 2021, a fast and solid racket at impact. If you're looking for a little more control we suggest the Head Gravity S 2021, a precise and forgiving racket. Finally, we present the Head Gravity Lite 2021 tennis racket, the lightest of the Head Gravity 2021 family.