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The Graphene 360+ Extreme PRO is the heaviest model of the EXTREME series, ideal if you are an advanced player with a high level of power and spin.

Head Extreme tennis rackets, a range of high performance rackets

Head Extreme rackets are a new range of rackets that specialise in spin. Head Extreme rackets feature a spin maximising frame, accompanied by Power and Spin Grommets for the best of both technologies.

The entire new range of Head Extreme rackets incorporates technologies such as Spin Shaft for added lateral stability, 16x19 spin pattern, Power Groomets and spin grommets. Technologies implemented in Head Extreme rackets to take spin to a new level.

Head Extreme rackets with Graphene 360+

Head Extreme tennis rackets also feature Graphene 360+ technology, a combination of Graphene and spiral fibres for efficient energy transfer, better flex and a crisp feel. 

From the Head Extreme family of rackets we recommend the Head Graphene 360 extreme Pro racket, the heaviest of the Head Extreme family, but the most powerful and aggressive of them all. On the other hand, the Head Graphene 360+ Extreme PWR rackets, a forgiving, powerful and easy-to-handle model.