Choice of footwear - M1 Tennis


Tennis and padel, due to their constant changes of rhythm and speed of movement, are sports where the feet must be as comfortable and supported as possible and above all be able to feel the surface on which we are playing.

A study carried out by the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia reveals that more than 80% of injuries such as tendinitis, back pain or muscular overloads are related to the use of inadequate footwear. For this reason we must look for comfortable shoes and if possible with cushioning especially when we play on hard courts, we must also take into account what type of surface we are going to play on to choose a shoe with the most suitable floor.

  • Hard court This shoe already has slightly deeper and wider grooves for perfect grip and a certain resistance to abrasion. Anti-abrasive and especially strong materials are usually used in the construction of the shoe to avoid as much as possible, its breakage due to friction with the court.
  • GroundThese have horizontal grooves that are not very pronounced, with this we try to obtain a certain grip but also the possibility of sliding to be able to reach the furthest shots.
  • Mixed or Medium Traction This type of shoe combines the characteristics of both clay and hard court shoes in the same sole and is usually reinforced at the toe and sides.
  • Natural or artificial grass Perhaps this is the most recognisable of all soles, as it is easy to see the small plastic studs that are not very pronounced but enough to prevent the player from slipping. This type of sole is the most commonly used in padel.