About us


M1 Tennis - Deportes Match was born as a shop based on Tennis in 1979 thanks to the needs of the market and the vocation of its founder for this exciting sport, since that moment our motivation to give a professional and specialized treatment has led us to be present in multiple ATP TOURNAMENTS and to be for more than 7 years the official stringers of ROLAND GARROS.

At the same time we have set up STANDS TIENDA in the most important tennis and paddle events in Spain:

  • Davis Cup: Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Seville, Santander and Benidorm.
  • Open de Valencia.
  • Conde Godó ATP 500 in Barcelona.


M1 Tennis offers you professional stringers who have strung at the most important ATP tournaments and at ROLAND GARROS. Send us your racquet or come to our store and you can choose from the best strings on the market to find the one that best suits your racquet and your style of play.


M1 Tennis - Deportes Match is currently a leading store in the racket sports sector and has 10 tennis and paddle stores throughout the Spain.

We are currently a reference store thanks to our quality service, the personalized advice of our tennis experts and the great advantages we offer to each customer such as our secure and reliable online sales service, guaranteed minimum prices, express shipments and 90 days to return any of our products.


M1 Tennis puts at your disposal experts in tennis and other racket sports to offer you the best service as a client and as a player with the best technical advice and the personalized attention of our staff so that you can improve in every match..


Thanks to the years of experience of our experts in tennis tournaments and championships, M1 Tennis - Deportes Match has a workshop specializing in the repair, modification and improvement of rackets. This allows a personalized treatment of the product according to the needs and preferences of the client.


If some of your grommets over time open too much or simply break, it can leave a cutting edge that will easily break the string. What we do in this case is remove the damaged grommet and replace it with a new one.


Depending on our type of game it is very probable that we need to modify the inertia of our racket by placing lead strips in certain areas of the racket frame, managing to optimize the use of the racket by adapting it to our needs.


Choosing one size or another of the grip is something very personal that depends on the size of our hand and even the habit acquired over time on how to hold the grip. It is also possible that some pain problems can be produced by a bad grip of the racket, so our task is to solve your problem, either by reducing, or increasing through the thermal enhancer that fully respects the edges of our grip and provides exactly the same feeling of grip as the original grip.


Sometimes the plastic protector that covers the head of the racquet deteriorates so much that it can directly affect our game or the breakage, by rubbing, of the string. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the whole protector and replace it with another one exactly the same.

The top of the grip is often torn off due to players taking the racquet too far back and forcing it to the maximum. M1 Tennis provides you with original spare parts for both the protector and the top of the grip, and of course we place it in the most precise and professional way.


M1 tennis also experiments by making mixtures with different types of strings, different materials and thicknesses in the vertical and horizontal strings to avoid friction and achieve an optimal balance between the power that can provide a thinner and more elastic type of string for the horizontals and the control and resistance that provides a stronger and harder string for the verticals.

Some brands have already marketed these combinations between multi-filament synthetics and polyester with quite good results, mainly for players trying to avoid string displacement.