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Babolat, the brand that has been with us for more than 100 years, and being one of the leading brands in the tennis sector has a lot to offer.

Babolat started in 1875 in France, manufacturing strings for tennis rackets. It was not until later that they decided to make the big leap into the manufacture of rackets to become one of the most successful brands on the market. So much so that Babolat is one of the leading brands in the development of new technologies for the world of tennis. In its catalog you can find a wide variety of products, including of course, rackets and strings, as well as grips, balls, bags and racquets, among many other things. Their rackets are used in the ATP and WTA circuit by the vast majority of players.

Babolat began in the world of tennis with one of the great Spanish players, Carlos Moya, a great tennis player who won several Grand Slam titles such as the 1998 Roland Garros, thus becoming the number one on the ATP circuit. And this was thanks to his great quality as a tennis player but also to his racket as versatile as was the Babolat Pure Drive, the best multipurpose racket on the market.

Among other famous players we can find the great Rafa Nadal, ambassador of Babolat since the first moment he started playing at a professional level. This great player, Rafa Nadal, has always been accompanied by Babolat's top of the range, his great Babolat Pure Aero, a racket designed for lifters looking for a great aggressiveness in the game.

If there is one thing we love about Babolat, it is their different touch when making racquets. When we play with a Babolat, we immediately notice the distinctive touch of the signature. They make racquets with all kinds of players in mind, and their wide range of weights and stringing patterns within one model are proof of this.

It fills us with pride to be able to work with a brand like Babolat, which has proven to have a more than deserved reputation after so many years of work and effort.


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The new Nadal's tennis racket for this 2019 arrives to our stores, enjoy the highest quality and play with the racket of one of the best of all time. One of the most popular rackets for 2019, the new Babolat Pure Aero 2019 is perfect for players who want maximum spin and power on their shot. If it is Rafa Nadal's racket, it is because it is one of the best.

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Do you have aggressive footwork, a strong stride and can glide on hard courts? The Propulse Fury is ideal for you! It has several reinforcements, which make it more durable. Thanks to its large, wrap-around side strips, which offer you unparalleled stability and unique comfort, your shots will be more precise.

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The Jet TERE is designed for speed (Tere = speed in Maori). Its sleek design and airy mesh will give you the feeling of flying down the runway, offering a good compromise between lightness, comfort and agility.