Wilson Clash, the novelty of the year

The new range of Wilson Clash rackets is perfect for all types of players. Once again, Wilson has shown us that they know how to make rackets, and with this new Wilson Clash they have hit the nail on the head. A rackets that we find spectacular by design, giving a matte shade of grey and red. And when it comes to playability, they have achieved a perfect balance between power and control, this new Wilson Clash racket is the top of the market today! As with their other rackets, Wilson has a Wilson Clash racket model for every player, with variations in technical specifications depending on your style of play.

Come to M1 Tennis and find cheap Wilson Clash rackets, we always try to offer you the best price in the market! If you have any doubts, our experts will be able to advise you on which Wilson Clash rackets to buy so that you can invest your money wisely and safely.

Meet the best of the Wilson Clash 2021 Rackets

Wilson Clash is an advanced line of tennis rackets. The Wilson Clash 2021 tennis rackets incorporate the latest technologies developed by Wilson, both to protect the player's arm and to optimise the performance of every shot. What characterises the Wilson Clash family of rackets is the pure ball contact feel and manoeuvrability of all models. 

Get the best of the Wilson Clash rackets

Wilson Clash 100 UL tennis racket, an extremely manoeuvrable and precise racket with a low stiffness rating, is the ideal choice if you are looking for an arm-friendly racket. 

For players whose game revolves around spin, the Wilson Clash 100 Pro is the racquet of choice, as it is lighter than its previous version while combining a string pattern that maximizes grip and spin on every shot. 

Finally, the Wilson Clash 100 is a very fast and light racket, perfect if you're looking for control and a crisp feel.