Want to improve your tennis game? Check out these tips!

Want to improve your tennis game? Check out these tips!

Do you want to improve your tennis game? We can help you!

At M1 Tennis we want our customers to know that we want to offer the best service. That's why, in addition to personalised advice, we want you to improve your tennis game! With these simple tips you will improve your game considerably. What we do ask for is patience. These are not things that can be learned overnight, but little by little you will notice a considerable improvement. Once that's done, let's get started!

1. Controlling the racket

It seems obvious, doesn't it? Yes, it's pretty obvious, but necessary. Controlling the moment we hit the ball with the racket is essential. We must have the racket well gripped, firmly and the shot prepared. This avoids vibration between the hand and the grip as much as possible.

It is important to control where we hit the ball with the racket.

It is important to control where we are going to hit the ball with the racket. Not all the surface of the racket has the same ball output, and in some places it costs more than others to return the ball to the court. Basically, we must understand the racquet as an extension of ourselves. Preview the shot, try to hit the centre of the racquet and most importantly, keep the racquet steady.

2. Control the rotation of the racket

We talked about the surface of the racquet and how to swing, now we need to go a little deeper into how to swing. It is important to pay attention to the movement we make when we hit in order to hit the exact spot. We must control the speed, the angle and the trajectory where we want to send the ball. You must have a clear idea of where you want to send the ball before you hit so that you can adapt it to the movement of the racquet. It is important to have a mental image of how you want to hit the ball in order to adapt the rotation of the racquet.

3. Watch the ball

This is one of the essential points when playing. We must keep our eyes focused on the ball. Anticipate the movement of the ball, observe the trajectory and the effect of the opponent's shot. Think about how it is going to affect your bounce or your shot. As we have already said, this is not something easy to achieve in two days, patience, observing the effect of the ball or the opponent's shot is not easy. You need total concentration to achieve it. As soon as you start to do it, you will notice that it will be less difficult to identify what effect the ball has been given, what bounce it is going to give. I'm sure you'll get used to it sooner than you think!

And of course, it is also essential to look at your opponent, how he/she hits the ball and how that will affect the direction of the ball. This point is important, because if you are able to identify how your opponent hits the ball, you will find it much easier to anticipate the trajectory of the ball. As we have already said, patience. You don't learn this in two games. Little by little you will get the hang of it.

4. The footwork

This point is essential! The movements have to be fast and fluid, and you need a lot of agility to get everywhere on the court. Being able to react quickly and efficiently is essential. Get used to making explosive movements to be able to cover the whole court. To be able to react in a fast way and speed up our footwork.

But this is not the only thing. After getting to the ball, you have to position yourself to hit the ball comfortably. This is something that often goes unnoticed but is essential. A bad positioning translates into a high probability of missing the shot, not positioning the racket well, etc. All impediments to allow us to hit a comfortable and controlled shot.

5. The balance

And we come to the last point of this post. Balance is a key point in any sport. The explosive movements we mentioned before are based on having a good balance. When doing fast movements and sudden stops, we need balance to maintain a good posture.

All of this is important in any sport.

Along with all this, there is also ball striking. When we use force to hit the ball, we can unbalance the whole body. It is important to train balance. And how do you do that? You may ask. Simple: experience. With practice you will gain experience and you will have more control over your balance.

And that's the end of these brief tips on how to improve your tennis game! We remind you that we have a wide variety of products available in our M1Tennis.com shop