Test rackets at M1 Central!

Test rackets at M1 Central!

New Rackets Test at M1 Central!

From M1 Tennis we are delighted to announce a new service available at our M1 Central Alicante store*! In this shop we are already offering a racket test service. But we could not stop there, our eagerness to improve has led us to want to give a better service to our customers. We currently offer the possibility of testing the bats in the shop itself. As we want to be able to give the same service but in tennis, we have decided to incorporate this new racquet testing service where the customer can try the racquet, have their own sensations and thus find what best suits the style of each player.

This service is very simple. Our customers will be able to take the racquets home, try them in a match, have their own experiences and sensations. Check if they like the weight, the shape, the balance, the profile or the materials, among many other things. The tennis racket is the most important thing for a tennis player and we know how important it is to be able to have our own feelings with each racket. We know that it is not the same to be able to try the racket as it is to touch it in the shop. That's why we strive to always give the best service to all our customers.

Our specialized staff has tested each racquet, get their own feelings and assess the characteristics of each racquet. In order to be able to advise each customer in a better way. We strive to ensure that each customer has a personalised and unique treatment from our specialists. We can advise you on which type of string or racquet is best suited to your style of play. We were official Roland Garros strings for more than seven years and have been in the racket sports world for almost forty years. If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that we have enough experience to offer this and many other services to come.

We want to be a different shop, we want to adapt to the needs of each customer and we want to move forward as a shop. We encourage you to visit our online tennis shop at M1Tennis.com . And if you have any questions we encourage you to give us a call! M1Tennis.com

* Test rackets will be available subject to availability in store