How was designed the new Pure Aero Rafa?

How was designed the new Pure Aero Rafa?

How was designed the new and unique PURE AERO RAFA?

The new Pure Aero Rafa returns redesigned to celebrate the 20th Grand Slam of the Mallorcan player and his career with Babolat.

The mythical French company in close collaboration with Rafa has worked on a special design of warm and vibrant colors. Which are very important colors for him. As Babolat technicians comment "Red for the Spanish flag, along with the basic yellow of the Aero, orange to evoke the clay, and purple because for the player represents honesty and integrity". Thus was designed a unique and personal tennis racket.


Babolat since it was founded in 1875 has taken care of all its players, always offering the best of its technology and always innovating. After arming Rafael Nadal with the Babolat AeroPro for his 1st Grand Slam, this time it renews its signature Pure Aero racket to celebrate his new victory, equaling Roger Federer's record of 20 Grand Slam titles.

Babolat forged the Pure Aero Rafa inspired by Rafa's aggressiveness, endurance and strength. Aiming to enhance spin shots and improve offensive play.The new Pure Aero Rafa will not only follow your pace and spin, it will help you push your opponent and not miss winning shots.The new Pure Aero Rafa will not only follow your pace and spin, it will help you push your opponent and ensure winning shots.


RH12 PureAeroRafa

This new Pure Aero tennis racket will give you full control of the ball trajectory, allowing and facilitating a more dynamic play.

It has a new aerodynamic AeroModular3 frame that integrates the bumper and grommets, achieving greater head speed and improving spin shots. The open string pattern and the Woofer system combine to offer unique contact and precise control on spin shots. Finally, its performance has been enhanced thanks to the implementation of a new material in the racket's construction, offering a pure feel and incredible sound.

But if you need even more from the Pure Aero Rafa series, there is still more to come. A benchmark model for design and smart features, the RH12 Pure Aero Rafa racket holder is designed for high-performance players who want to carry and protect their gear.

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RH12 PureAeroRafa

For this racket bag, the space has been completely reorganized to simplify the day to day. It has different compartments made with an insulating, super durable, lightweight and recycled fabric.

  • A large capacity central compartment, with a transparent shoe compartment with ventilation.
  • A compartment that holds up to 4 rackets (total capacity 12 rackets*).
  • Side pockets for storing accessories.

You won't have to worry about temperature changes, all compartments are 100% isothermal, so all your equipment will be protected and ready.

To make it even better, the interior of the new RH12 Pure Aero Rafa racket holder has been made with a new PET 100% recycled lining and without dyes, avoiding wasting water in its manufacture. In addition, its removable strap system is designed to avoid any type of incident or damage during transport.

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