Everything you need to know about the tennis net.

Everything you need to know about the tennis net.

What is the height of a tennis net?

A tennis net is supported by tennis singles poles, which should be 1.07m high. The net must be fully extended between the two poles and the holes in the net must be small enough so that the tennis ball cannot pass between them. The height of the tennis net in the centre should be 0.941m, where it will be supported by a band covering the rope or wire rope at the top of the net which should be entirely white in colour.


Depending on the level of the players, the height of the tennis net is placed at different heights.For boys and girls aged 10 years and under, the net is adapted to different heights according to the tennis rules. The values to which the net is adapted are as follows:

For beginning players who are starting tennis they are assigned a "red" court, with a height between 0.800 and 0.843 metres high.

For starting players who are in the middle stage, they are assigned an "orange" court, with a height between 0.800 and 0.914 metres high.

The net should be fully extended so that it occupies the entire surface between the two posts,

extending to a length of 12.80m for the double net and 10.06m for the single net. The tennis net shall not be fully stretched.

Information about tennis poles.

The diameter of the wire should be 8mm and the width of the headband should be a maximum of 5cm.


The headband should be between 5cm and 6.65cm wide on each side. And in doubles matches the tennis poles should be located at a distance of 0.914m outside each side of the doubles line.

Many people don't know that for tournaments or fairly important matches, the nets vary in their placement depending on the type of match, being either singles or doubles.

For doubles matches, the posts are placed 0.914 m away from the doubles line, and the height should be the same as the height of the net, which should be placed at the sides at a height of 1.07 m from the ground. For singles matches using a single net, the posts are placed 0.914m outside the singles line which will raise the net 1.07m from the ground.

When there are matches where the court is shared with doubles matches, a double net is used which will be placed at a height of 1.07 metres. In a singles match with this net, "singles sticks" shall be held at a distance of 0.914m from the singles lines, which shall not have a diameter greater than 7.5cm.