Babolat Pure Drive VS, the new Babolat!

Babolat Pure Drive VS, the new Babolat!

New Babolat Pure Drive VS racquet

As usual, the French company surprises us with a new release. Babolat, the undisputed leader in mid-profile rackets, launches the new Babolat Pure Drive VS! With a slightly smaller surface area, a lower stiffness and a narrower profile to maximize the flexibility of the racquet during hitting. The Babolat Pure Drive VS racket is designed for the player who bases their tennis game on flat shots and who is looking to maximise their precision. Babolat has decided to take a step for the benefit of control players with the best-selling racket model in the world. Do you want to know the differences with its sister? We'll tell you about them below!


This new racquet from Babolat has a variable profile: The top and bottom of the head of the Babolat Pure Drive VS has a 21-millimetre profile. In contrast, the central part of the head of this racket has a profile of 23 millimetres. This makes the racket more flexible when hitting, which means that the ball stays in contact with the racket for longer. This benefits the player in terms of control and precision.


The surface of the Babolat Pure Drive VS is somewhat smaller than other racquets from the same brand. Thanks to its 630 cm² surface area, a higher ball output is achieved when returning the ball so that we can provide our shots with precision and power in equal measure.

In addition, the French company has included in this new Babolat Pure Drive VS a new technology of diamond-shaped grommets. This gives the string more freedom of movement and thus improves the ball's exit during the shot.

The rest of the racquet's features are similar to those of its sisters. This Babolat Pure Drive VS has a weight of 300 grams, a balance of 32 millimetres and a 16/19 pattern. We love this new racquet from Babolat. We think it's a great option for players who are looking for precision thanks to its great flexibility while still getting a good ball output from the grommets and surface.

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    Se espera hacer nueva version 285 grs.igual q la team.

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    Buenos días, Me interesa la raqueta, quiero saber precio. Saludos y gracias,