Babolat Pure Aero Lite 2023 racquet, the new version of the lightweight, 270 grams model from the Pure Aero 2023 line.

€239.95 -36%

Babolat Pure Aero Team is the little sister of Nadal's racket, it has practically all the same parameters as the 300 grams Pure Aero.

€259.95 -37%

The new Nadal's tennis racket for this 2019 arrives to our stores, enjoy the highest quality and play with the racket of one of the best of all time. One of the most popular rackets for 2019, the new Babolat Pure Aero 2019 is perfect for players who want maximum spin and power on their shot. If it is Rafa Nadal's racket, it is because it is one of the best.


€64.95 -31%
The new Babolat Evoke 102 Wimbledon racket has arrived, an ideal racket if you want to start in the world of tennis and have a fast progression.


€219.95 -36%

The Babolat Pure Drive Lite 2021, has renewed its design but maintains its strong points such as power in the stroke and improves its explosiveness and comfort.

€229.95 -26%

The new Babolat Pure Drive Team 2021, this 2021 continues to maintain the power in the stroke, improves its explosiveness and comfort. 

€209.95 -19%

The best selling racket on the market has arrived at M1Tennis! The Babolat Pure Drive 300 gr is perfect both for players starting out in the world of tennis and for those experts who want to tune up and continue to improve their game. Babolat Pure Drive 300gr a versatile tennis racket suitable for all types of players. And now at the best price!


€219.95 -32%
Out of stock
The Babolat Pure Strike Team 2020, a racket that retains the qualities that characterize its previous sister as the great control and precision adding new improvements in this version, a perfect racket for offensive players.


€260.00 -50%

The Babolat Drive G 115 racket is a great option for players looking for a lightweight, economical racket with great maneuverability.

€129.95 -35%

With its blue, white and grey finish, the Babolat Drive G 115 racquet is a great option for players looking for something light, cheap and with great handling.

€159.95 -33%

Babolat Evo Drive 2021, the racket inspired by the design of Fabio Fognini and Garbine Murguruza's racquets with a slightly larger and lighter sieve.

€109.95 -31%

The Babolat Boost Drive 2021 a lightweight and powerful racket, ideal for all players looking for a high performance racket at a great price.


€159.95 -18%

The new Babolat Aero Lite 2023 racket is one of the most manoeuvrable racquets in the Evo range. That's why the racket has been designed for easy progress on the court. Its Syntec Evo grip, with a soft touch and grip to hit the ball more easily.

Check out the best Babolat tennis rackets!

Since Babolat began in the world of Tennis in 1975. They have always been at the top of technology development for their rackets and therefore have brought several improvements to this industry, giving their part in this great industry. Babolat has developed some technologies such as Aero technology, which helps the aerodynamics of the racket getting faster strokes. The Boost+ technology, which helps to reinforce the interaction between the frame and the string, improving the return of the ball with greater power. Or the Memogrip, which helps memorize the grip of the Babolat to learn how to hold the racket.

Babolat sponsors many of the best players in tennis today, such as Tsonga, who plays with a Babolat Pure Aero racket. Garbiñe Muguruza, who plays with a Babolat Pure Drive tennis racket. And last but not least, the Babolat Pure Aero RAFA, which is nothing more nor less than the tennis racket of Rafa Nadal, the best Spanish tennis player in our history.

Finally, the Babolat Pure Strike is a clear reference in the market. Being a racket that is renewed every year, it attacks a very specific part of the sector. The Babolat Pure Strike is perfect for players who want to place the ball at the ends of the court without difficulty. People looking for maximum precision in their hitting. The Babolat Pure Strike continues to perform well due to its high quality construction. The Pure Strike is one of the best high end rackets on the market.

Babolat makes us fall in love with every racket he puts on the market. They are more than experts in making quality rackets that we love. It has established itself as one of the most important brands in the world of racket sports, proof of which we have all the important players who play with the brand. Babolat is one of those brands that cannot leave you indifferent. When you try a Babolat racquet, you don't want to try another one!

Babolat rackets. The kings of power and handling

The Babolat racquets are one of the best quality rackets available today. The brand has decided to create various ranges so that each player can find his perfect racket. We have available the Babolat Pure Aero, Babolat Pure Drive and Babolat Pure Strike range as high ranges, ready for professional players. These Babolat 2021 Strike racquets are used by professional players and have been tested by our specialists, giving them a score well above average. On the other hand, the mid-range is composed of Babolat Strike, Babolat Aero and Babolat Drive. Designed for all intermediate players who want to enjoy the best value for money. Finally, in our stores we have our range of cheap Babolat Rackets for all those who want to start in the world of tennis with the best prices and the best quality in a racket. And Babolat junior tennis rackets, because the youngest ones also deserve the best quality.

Get the Babolat 2021 rackets that are so popular at the best price. Or if you prefer, find the Babolat 2018 rackets on sale! Last season's Babolat rackets that are still great to play with, top of the line rackets with the best price/quality ratio.

Shop online the best Tennis Babolat rackets at M1 Tennis

In M1 Tennis you will be able to enjoy many types of Babolat tennis rackets. We have available all the ranges of Babolat tennis rackets, as we mentioned before. We have many products available in our rackets section and in our accessories section as racquet protectors. We suggest you take a look and find the Babolat racket you like the most!

Come to Deportes Match and take advantage of our offers, we have also been official stringer of Roland Garros for seven years and we have been more than forty years in this sector. We can string your racket with the string you want! Our specialists will be able to recommend you on which string suits you best and which Babolat racket to buy, because we are the leader in selling Babolat tennis rackets.

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