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The match is over and now you want to put your gear away before you leave the court. The innovative architecture of the RH12 Pure Aero Rafa allows you to stand it upright to easily store your gear.
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The match is over and now you want to put your gear away before you leave the court. The innovative architecture of the RH6 Pure Aero Rafa allows you to stand it upright to easily store your gear.
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A great mix between backpack and racket holder that can shape shift when users need to use it to hold up to 3 racket into it’s insulated dedicated compartment. A Large black reflective STRIKE logo printed on the back of the backpack flap, will grant users visibility and security. New smart lockable zipper puller.
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€84.95 -35%
Backpack of the new Pure Drive line. It includes an isothermal compartment for 3 rackets. This compartment folds up to take up less space when not in use.
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Racket bag with capacity for 6 racquets of the new line of Babolat Pure Drive.
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Large capacity racket stand to store up to 12 rackets.
Includes 3 main compartments for the rackets, plus several pockets for shoes, accessories, etc... 
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We present the Babolat Pure Aero Rafa backpack, an elegant and practical model. A tennis backpack to carry all the equipment you need.

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Babolat racket holder RH6 Pure Aero, keep all your equipment organized and protected while you're on the courts. Holds up to 6 tennis racquets.
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Pure Aero backpack with capacity for 2 tennis racquets. Organize all your gear due to its compartments for tennis racquets, shoes, accessories and clothing.
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Babolat racket holder with capacity for 12 tennis rackets and all the equipment you need to carry. The Babolat RH12 Pure Aero racket holder will be your ideal partner, whether you compete in tournaments or need to carry a lot of tennis rackets.
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€84.95 -25%

Babolat has redesigned the Pure Aero 2023 Backpack with an ultra-resistant, waterproof and durable outer material. The inner bag is equipped with the new "color-free lining", a 100% recycled and dye-free material.

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Looking for versatility and don't want to have a multitude of tennis bags? The Duffel M Classic is just what you need: our most versatile bag. Carry up to 6 rackets in the large main compartment and organize all your gear with the 5 additional internal pockets. The large exterior zippered pocket holds all your valuables. Comfortable and discreet in design, you can carry the Duffel M Classic bag as a backpack over your shoulders or with the carry handle. Did we mention that the bag folds up compactly for easy storage?
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Here comes Babolat Evo Court L, a racket holder for training, a match or a game with friends. Its performance and ease of use will allow you to carry up to 6 racquets and all the accessories you need to take to the court. 
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We want to offer you the best, that's why we have developed this BACKPACK PURE AERO bag with an ultra-resistant, waterproof and durable outer material. As for the inside of the bag, it is equipped with our new "colour-free lining", a 100% recycled and dye-free material.
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Backpack Babolat Calssic Junior comfortable and practical, ideal for future champions, both for school and for various activities and, of course, for the track.

Babolat racket bags, guaranteed comfort and safety

Transport your tennis rackets safely and securely with Babolat racket bags, Babolat backpacks and Babolat tennis bags. The French brand continues to be one of the leading brands in the tennis market, as well as being a sponsor of prestigious official competitions and representing some of the best players in the world, such as our legend and one of the best players in history, Rafa Nadal. 

Obviously all tennis players are looking to protect their equipment and keep it in perfect condition when they travel to play a tournament or match. That's why Babolat has launched an exceptional range of Babolat racket bags and Babolat Tennis bags, where you can carry not only your rackets but also your tennis shoes and sportswear in general.

What is the capacity of the Babolat racket bags?

Babolat have brought out a range of racquet bags in all sizes and colours so whether you are a big tennis fan or a casual player, there will be a Babolat racquet bag for you. 

At M1 Tennis you can find Babolat 1 racket bags, Babolat 6 racket bags and even Babolat 12 racket bags available in a wide range of sizes and colours so you can find your new Babolat tennis racket bag.

The best Babolat tennis backpacks

If you are looking for something comfortable, elegant and simple, in our Babolat bags section you will find Babolat tennis backpacks that can hold 1 or 2 tennis rackets. Models that adapt their volume easily to what you want to carry.

Babolat backpacks are suitable for tennis as well as for any other sport, because Babolat designs and manufactures its backpacks with 100% recycled materials, resistant, light and comfortable, with different compartments to carry from a laptop to a pair of tennis shoes and rackets. 

Don't worry about your rackets, Babolat backpacks have isothermal compartments, perfect for protecting your rackets from temperature fluctuations. 

Babolat Tennis Bags

At M1 Tennis you will also find Babolat tennis bags in different capacities, versatile bags for everyday use in which you can carry up to 6 tennis rackets, depending on the Babolat bag model.

In Babolat tennis bags you can store tennis equipment such as clothing, shoes, rackets, accessories and find them easily, thanks to the distribution of its compartments and the removable central organiser that some Babolat bags have. In addition, Babolat tennis bags are collapsible, so you can save space when not in use.   

Buy Online Tennis Racket Bags at M1 Tennis 

Visit the online catalogue of Babolat tennis racket bags at M1 Tennis, explore our wide selection of Babolat tennis bags in a variety of colours, designs and sizes, which we bring to you to discover your new favourite Babolat tennis racket bag at the best price online, only here at M1 Tennis!