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An ideal racket whether you want to get started in the sport or take it up again, the Babolat Boost Strike racket is the best choice you can have.

Babolat has designed the best racket for you, the Babolat Strike Evo racket. With this racket you will get easy power, control and comfort on the court to reach your full potential.
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The Babolat Pure Strike Lite 2020, a racket that increases new improvements in this version and retains qualities such as great control and precision.

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The Babolat Pure Strike Team 2020, a racket that retains the qualities that characterize its previous sister as the great control and precision adding new improvements in this version, a perfect racket for offensive players.
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The Babolat Pure Strike 100 2024 racquet is a precision engineered racquet designed to provide the perfect balance of control, pace and forgiveness, delivering exceptional performance in every match.


The new generation of the Babolat Evo Strike Gen2 racket has arrived, which adapts perfectly to the needs of the player and also accompanies the progression of the game. The racket's frame has a new design that strikes the perfect balance between power and comfort.


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The Babolat Pure Strike Jr 26 2024 is designed for young competitors who want to improve their game with a high-performance racquet that offers control, stability and unparalleled feel on the court.

Babolat Pure Strike, aggression and precision

The aggressiveness of this model is undeniable, the entire Babolat Pure Strike range radiates power through each of its strings. Designed for the most aggressive and hard-hitting players who like to harass their opponents with withering blows. This range of rackets handles power like no other. You will be amazed by the softness of the stroke and at the same time the power it delivers without compromising on precision.

Babolat Pure Strike 2021 tennis racket

The only drawback of the Babolat Pure Strike, if you can call it a drawback, is that it is not suitable for everyone. It is undoubtedly a top of the range tennis rackets but due to its difficult handling and demanding nature, M1 Tennis only recommends it for experienced players. Although this is not exactly a bad thing because if you are an experienced and aggressive player, the Babolat Pure Strike will definitely be your best friend. Come to our shop if you want advice on which model from this range is best suited to you and buy your rackets at the best prices.

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The Babolat Pure Strike range of rackets is designed to suit all types of players with 100, team, tour and junior versions in a variety of string patterns and weights.

At M1 Tennis you will find a wide range of Babolat Pure Strike rackets, we offer you the best price on Babolat Pure Strike tennis rackets. Don't miss out on the best rackets from the Babolat Pure Strike 2021 range. 

Test the Babolat Pure Strike rackets 

At M1 Tennis we offer you a rackets testing service so that you can try any model of the Babolat Pure Strike rackets. Within the Pure Strike series we recommend the Babolat Pure Strike 18x20  racket wielded by Dominic Thiem and the Babolat Pure Strike Team 2020