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The BABOLAT Pure Drive 2021 incorporates HTR SYSTEM and SWX PURE STEEL technologies. Enjoy this powerful racket and unleash the power of your game.
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The new Babolat Pure Drive Team 2021, this 2021 continues to maintain the power in the stroke, improves its explosiveness and comfort. 

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The Babolat Pure Drive Lite 2021, has renewed its design but maintains its strong points such as power in the stroke and improves its explosiveness and comfort.

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The Babolat Pure Drive 110 2021, has been updated this 2021 with a new design more striking and modern, but retains its characteristic power.

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Discover the Babolat Pure Drive 30th Anniversary, the racquet that perfectly combines power and control for all types of players. Celebrate 30 years of innovation and take your game to the next level.


Babolat has designed the best racket for you, the Babolat Strike Evo racket. With this racket you will get easy power, control and comfort on the court to reach your full potential.
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An ideal racket whether you want to get started in the sport or take it up again, the Babolat Boost Strike racket is the best choice you can have.

Babolat Pure Drive racquets, maximum power and versatility

If you had to name a top brand of tennis rackets by memory, the first thing that would come to mind would be Babolat, and if you had to name a range of tennis rackets within the Babolat brand, you would obviously think of Babolat's best-selling range in Spain: Babolat Pure Drive. A range that is characterized by providing the highest quality products, suitable for the most demanding players looking for a great hit on the ball without the arm is loaded too much, of course all this without neglecting the control in the blow and the realization of effects.

Why is Babolat Pure Drive the bestseller?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. Babolat Pure Drive tennis rackets have evolved along with tennis to meet the needs of new players every season. With its new and extraordinary design, the Babolat Pure Drive rackets come with one word written on its forehead: Versatility. It has been tested by players of all styles and all are satisfied with the result, whether you are an aggressive player or a control player, this racquet is for you. Its great performance will delight your game. From M1 Tennis we recommend it above all for expert players who only want the highest quality.

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Babolat's best-selling rackets are back in a 10th edition with lightning power. Within the Babolat Pure Drive rackets range you will find models such as Babolat Pure Drive and Pure Drive 300 gr.

Pure Drive rackets offer more than just power, the versatility of these models will allow you to dominate from the baseline or on the counter-attack, changing the pace of the game with powerful shots, turning a game of defence into the perfect attack.

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