€100.00 -14%

The GEL-CHALLENGER 13 Clay tennis shoe creates the stability you need when you're covering the baseline, so you can keep your mind focused on controlling the point.

The shoe's supportive upper keeps your feet locked-in on the shoe's platform. It creates a reinforced feel during volleys or when you're dropping back to track down deep lob shots.WINGWALL technology is placed in the sidewall to improve stability during side-to-side movements. This feature offers good support, so you can step into your shot and strike the ball with more pace.


€70.00 -10%
The GEL-DEDICATE® 7 Clay tennis shoe offers good stability and a flexible feel to keep your mind centered during the match. This shoe's upper is constructed with synthetic leather materials to improve support. They keep your feet locked-in when you're switching directions and chasing down challenging shots. A TRUSSTIC® support unit and wrap-up outsole improve stability while allowing your feet to move freely. This lets you change directions more confidently, particularly if you're moving side-to-side.

€140.00 -10%
Product available with different options

The GEL-RESOLUTION 8 CLAY tennis shoe promotes a responsive stride with a close-to-the-court feel.

The FLEXION FIT upper provides form-fitting support with the integration of DYNAWALL technology, which offers added midfoot stability during lateral movements and coast-to-coast coverage. Implementing a torque control feature in the heel counter, this shoe is also designed to help maintain a locked in feel during quick transitions.

€70.00 -10%
Product available with different options

The GEL-PADEL PRO 4 shoes are a versatile model for competitive padel players. Thanks to improved support and high comfort, this shoe is ideal for those who want to improve their on-court experience.


€75.00 -10%
Product available with different options
The GEL-RESOLUTION™ 8 CLAY GS kids shoe promotes a responsive stride with a close-to-the-court feel. The FLEXION FIT™ upper provides form-fitting support with the integration of DYNAWALL™ technology, which offers added midfoot stability during the lateral movements and coast-to-coast coverage.

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Asics, one of the leading brands in racket sports sales. And like every year, it returns to offer us only the best quality to play on the court. His assortment of Asics Tennis Shoes is unbeatable, in our store you will find a wide variety of Asics Tennis Shoes at a very competitive price. No matter what court you play in, you'll always have a perfect tennis shoe here at M1 Tennis.

Asics Tennis shoes have always been divided into different ranges, to cover all types of audiences. The catalogue of Asics shoes goes from the highest ranges, such as the Asics Solution Speed FF Clay , to all its intermediate ranges, such as the new Asics Gel Challenger 13 Clay. A shoe with one of the best quality-price ratios on the market. This new Gel Resolution 8 Clay has a perfect clay sole, with a gel sole, with extreme comfort. This shoe is one of the best options we can recommend.

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We have for our players the best catalogue of asics tennis shoes, whether you are a court player, a clay player or a grass player, Asics has a shoe for you. The Japanese brand has set out to dominate the world of racket sports as far as tennis shoes are concerned. We offer a wide variety of sizes and models of men's shoes in all shapes and colors.

The new models that Asics brings out are always of the best quality that we can find in the market. Being one of the most important brands in this industry due to its high quality construction. The Asics Men's Tennis Shoes are an excellent option for all those who are looking for maximum comfort and grip in their footwear.

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In M1 Tennis we know that in this fantastic sport it does not matter the gender and neither the age, so we have a fantastic catalogue of tennis shoes asics woman in all the colors and sizes so much of new models of this same year as of older models in our section of outlet.

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